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The Iowa Roofing Contractors Association members are governed by the following Code of Ethics:

Members will exercise the highest degree of skill and care in performing the work contracted in strict accordance with specifications. They will carry out all contracts, whether written or oral, according to their bona fide intent. Members will call to the attention of the owner or architect any plans or specifications which may result in unsatisfactory roof or flashing.

Members believe that fair and open competition is in the public interest as a cornerstone in the American economy. They will decline from any practice which results in the restraint of competition. Members will not alter a bid submitted in competitive bidding after the bids have been opened. Bids are only altered when a substantial change is made in the work, or when further bidding on alternate items is requested. They will discourage “bid-peddling” practices, and will not condone “bid-shopping” practices by general contractors.

Members believe that business integrity is the only sound policy for business success. They will not make false or misleading statements about products and services. They will not engage in practices which deceive customers. Members recognize that the failure to disclose relevant information is misleading. They will not advertise that products or services are guaranteed without disclosing the nature and extent of such a guarantee. When possible, members will use Association approved guarantee forms.

The members take pride in their businesses, and will try to improve the roofing contracting industry. They will support the activities of the Iowa Roofing Contractors Association. They will take part in its projects and programs. They will exchange industry information with other roofing contractors. Members will respect fellow roofing contractors and refrain from any disparaging statements about them.

The members recognize that success is dependent upon the competence and skill of his workers. They will be guided by principles of justice and fairness in his dealing with them. They will honor the spirit and letter of any collective bargaining agreement to which they are a party. The member knows that ethical conduct must be based upon mutual trust and honor. Members assume responsibility for fostering the growth of mutual trust within the industry. They embrace relations with the public, whose safety, well-being, and comfort are the ultimate concern.

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